Why should you choose Okta for Single Sign-on?

Many organizations today are tending to involve a single sign-on (SSO) so that their subscribers can easily reach their web applications. Most of the enterprises prefer to go for Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) from Active Directory for SSO. The logic that works behind the popularity of ADFS for SSO is that they both are the products of Microsoft. But all ADFS is not designed with 100% accuracy to work for SSO.

Okta For Single Sign On

Instead of ADFS, OKTA is now more capable to work for SSO with extensive cloud-based service to handle the management procedure. Here in this article, we will try to present the limitations of ADFS. We will also establish the reasons why you should choose Okta for SSO.

Let’s first discuss the botherations of SSO deployment:

Botherations of SSO Deployment

The popularity of cloud-based applications is very high in recent times. So the companies prefer to go to popular cloud-based service providers. Most of the enterprises are already making the use of the application. Those who have not done this yet will go for it very soon.

The aim of the companies behind the implementation of SSO is to make their web applications simple. Not only that, but another important issue is to omit the process of self- verification for every application. Therefore they want to connect all their applications with a single source. Most of the time, the source is Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) from Active Directory. The reason is they both are the babies of Microsoft.

Your biasness towards ADFS might act as a drawback for your organization because all ADFS is not designed to suit SSO. Even some IT departments have ordered them to check all their aspects before involved them with SSO. Though no charge is applicable for the license of ADFS but some hidden costs are there. At the same time, they should pay attention to create a wholesome identity controlling solution. They should pay attention to include services like provisioning, contextual access control for mobile devices, centralized reporting, and pre-assimilated support for the different applications that recent institutions are implementing.

The successful implementation of Active Directory assimilation making use of SSO is not so easy. What you need to do is to break the notion that you will get the best service from ADFS. It’s time for you to know the details about the main ingredients of SSO. Perhaps then it will be easy for you to decide which one is the best ADFS or OKTA.

Main components of an Eminent SSO Solution:

To implement an SSO solution is not a matter of joke. So you need to take some careful steps if you want the perfect implementation of the solution. But the question is what can you do for the perfect implementation of the solution? Well, there are some components of a successful SSO solution that demands your lookout. Although some elements might seem trifle for you at the beginning, that doesn’t mean you will overlook that specific one. Because later on, it might be the cause of your depression as companies developed and involved new applications.

Here is the list of the components:

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Application Integration and support
  • High Availability
  • Provisioning of Users and Cloud Apps
  • Contextual Access Management with Mobile Devices
  • Efficient Domain Consolidation
  • Logging and Reporting

Problems of Involving ADFS as an SSO Solution

To have an extended identity from Active Directory to cloud application, ADFS is always the first preference of the companies. It is indeed a free application but the ‘free’ solution brings many liabilities with it. Such liabilities include- various hardware elements, extra Microsoft software, and comprehensive configuration and upkeep. That’s why companies who have ADFS for their SSO solution are experiencing difficulty in the configuration. That’s why they demand reliability on other components to achieve the least requirement for an SSO solution.

But one can easily get rid of these problems if they can make a changeover from ADFS to OKTA. Here we are presenting some benefits of the migration.

Benefits of Changeover from ADFS to OKTA

If you are already an ADFS user but not at all satisfied with their service then go for OKTA right now. As it will not only provide you quality but will also help you to expand your coverage. You can also have the best assistance for your cloud and web applications because of the following reasons:

Simple application

The initiators of OKTA checked the capabilities of ADFS and formed the best elements of it into a measurable cloud platform. OKTA controls the full employment and availability of service, thereby provides reliability. Thus it helps to demolish all the complexity related to the ADFS application.

Active Directory Assimilation

OKTA offers protected assimilation with your Active Directory framework. No additional supports are necessary to maintain OKTA. Interestingly, once a user is verified as genuine by OKTA with the web application, it will automatically be cornered. All the operations then will only be restricted within the subscriber and the application.

SSO with simple operation assimilation

The integrated network of OKTA is a huge combination of pre-integrated trade and personal operations, framework, and devices. Because of its’ such integrated infrastructure, SSO solutions can work in the least time with OKTA.

All-time accessible

OKTA SSO solution never failed to work properly. Even if OKTA is having their maintenance their cloud platform always remains integrated.

Apart from these qualities, OKTA has some more services like:

  • Automatic Update Systems
  • A device is known as Contextual Application Management
  • Various factor verification for ADFS
  • Fast logging and reporting process

We are not asking you to choose OKTA based on our recommendation. Perhaps OKTA is the one who offers a free trial for you. So, if you are still not sure about its excellence then go and avail the trail right now. We can ensure you that you will have a wonderful experience.

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