How to prepare yourself for Okta Certification Courses?

Do you want to build up your career as an Okta professional? Are you aware of the proper way or technique to start with it? If you’re seeking answers to both the questions, then you’re at the right platform. Your problem is going to be solved in this article. Get prepared yourself properly to crack the examination and start your journey with Okta.

Okta Certification Courses

To begin with your journey, all you need is a little guidance to proceed properly. So, we are here to assist you in your journey. Here is the complete guide which will help you to prepare yourself for Okta Certification Courses:

Proper Utilization of the Study Guide

There is a complete list of the exam-related topics mentioned further. All you need to do is thorough scrutiny about all the topics related to the exam. Remember the questions will cover each topic. So don’t allow yourself to pay less attention to any topic.

If you find any doubt about any topic matter, you can search them from the Okta help center or product documentation library. Even if you have any personal experience with Okta service then it will be very helpful in some topic matters.

Who can be called an Okta Certified Professional?

The certified professionals of Okta are experts with basic knowledge to secure and manage the brand’s identity. They are trained practically for looking after the functioning part to support the subscribers daily. The executives are familiar with the technologies and processes like simple directory assimilation, single sign-on association (SSO), and probable application matters of User Lifecycle Management.

Okta Professional Exam Format:

There will be 60 Discrete Option Multiple-Choice (DOMC) questions to be solved within 90 minutes. You need to pay 250 USD as examination fees. But what if you can’t succeed at one time? Well, then you need to pay 100USD to sit in the re-examination.

So, how will you prepare yourself?  From where you can have the study materials? Scroll down to get more details.

An Account on DOMC

As mentioned above the entire exam goes on DOMC format. Now the question arises what is DOMC? Well, it is a strong assessment method with the capacity to produce trusted exam marks.  It is possible because of the elimination of ‘adulterants’ that affect the test scores without any relation with knowledge and skills.

The improvised methods which enable DOMC to judge the skills of a candidate more fairly are:

Readability:  The examinees don’t need to read much. Therefore they can have a quick start-up.

Fairness: The candidates can’t have any scope to search for their unknown answer by tallying with other options. It is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ basis format. Henceforth the one with the proper knowledge will reap the rewards.

Security:  The process is highly secured as the options are not displayed together. They are displayed randomly and the candidates need to decide whether it will be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. They can’t linger on.

Marking System

You can chill over the scoring system as it is pretty fair and done with enough precision. Let’s have a look:

  • If an examinee marked a corrected option as ‘Yes’ it will be noted as correct.
  • If a candidate marked a correct presented option as ‘No’, it will be scored as incorrect.
  • If the appeared candidate marked an in-correct option as ‘Yes’ it will be wrong.
  • If an incorrect option is present and the response recorded ‘No’, then the scoring is postponed and the next item is presented.

You can log in to Okta’s exam guide site to know more details about

 Exam Timing

Okta has signed a deal with ExamityR: an online exam supervision site. They are the controller of the Okta Certification exam. They can schedule the exam at any time and any location by keeping in mind the convenience of the test-takers and candidates.

 Preparation for the Okta Professional Exam

It is an amalgamation of facilitator-led training courses, learning at self-capacity, and an on-going job experience, with which a candidate can prepare himself for the exam.


Okta is always there to help the candidates with study materials. It offers Okta training classes to pace the preparation. But merely attending the training classes can’t do magic. What is strongly being suggested by Okta is that candidates should go for the ‘Basic-Curriculum’ to prepare themselves well.

Professional course Subjects

One needs to know about the topics of the exam to prepare very well. As we have already informed you that you can’t skip any topic if you want to score well. So, four main topics are further divided into various sub-topics. Every aspect of the matter demands equal attention.

The main topics are:

  • Identity and Access Management (22.5%)
  • User Lifecycle Management (45.5%)
  • Security (16%)
  • Administration and Troubleshooting (16%)

 Sample papers 

No guide can boost up your confidence like mock-tests. So we suggest that to have the best results keep on solving sample papers. So, what are you waiting for? Go through the entire article and be ready for Okta Certification Courses.

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